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By on October 9th, 2023

………………….. . Mr Ikemike stared at chika and sighed

Over my dead body will I take you as my wife again, go and meet your ex..he said

Diamond, I did these for us..please forgive me… Mrs Ikemike pleaded placing her knees on the floor

Alice stop begging him,let’s go..he will still come back for you..Her mum assured pulling her up

Mum,Ikemike is my husband and I know him more than you do,help me beg him nah..

Ikemike go to hell and burn to ashes,you ain’t happy that she gave you kids despite your impotency,yeye man..Her mum shouted clapping her hands

I am impotent right? You should be very ashamed of yourself and daughter here,you brought up a cheating daughter.. I am not impotent Mrs Paul

Mrs Ikemike stared at her mum,then chika and finally her husband
She stood up from where she knelt and raised her hands up

You heard him clearly right? What did he just said? She asked rhetorically

So the result is fake or what Ikemike? I don’t get it…Mrs Ikemike screamed

The result is complicated Alice, you’re a cheater and I regret ever getting married to a monster like you..said Mr Ikemike

My mum is not a monster dad..Dan said holding his grandma

Ikemike smiled,so I’ve been fathering kids that aren’t mine,taking care of them,paying their school fees and other things
You’re heartless Alice, I have always hoped that you will change one day but everything proved abortive.. You’re leaving my house, you don’t belong here anymore,chika is taking over..Mr Ikemike said with pains in his voice

Mrs Ikemike laughed for awhile and held her mum
Mum my marriage oo,my marriage, please help me mum..She cried rubbing herself on the floor

Alice!! Stop all these,let’s leave here this minute.. Her mum said

I am doomed mum,my friends will laugh at me, my enemies will jubilate,mum beg him nah,mummy please
Ikemike please, forgive me, it’s the handiwork of the devil..I’m sorry my husband

Who’s your husband? Husband that didn’t get you pregnant?



Mrs Ikemike stood up from where she has been kneeling
Picked up her bag and dragged her two kids outside with her

Don’t bother looking for me.. She said wiping off her tears

Madam leave please, you have done enough..Mr Ikemike replied shutting the door

Mrs Ikemike broke down in tears again, sitting on the floor, rubbing her two legs with her palms

Alice get up and stop behaving like a kid..her mum shouted at her

Mum this is my marriage, I know I’m still dreaming,call dad to wake me up please
Ikemike I’m not going anywhere ooo,chika has done her worst and……

Chika is my wife, that baby you see there is my blood
I planned all these,I planned these because of the way you follow your ex around…Mr Ikemike said through the window

So you weren’t impotent like the doctor claimed? She asked widening her brow

It was all planned Alice, just go away,you disgust me.. He screamed opening the entrance door

If you weren’t impotent why didn’t you get her pregnant when you got married to her? Mrs Paul asked

Business trip here and there,I only touched your daughter once after our marriage before I traveled for a business trip,came back and found her she was pregnant, I kept quiet thinking that the child is mine
I over heard her telling her ex about the pregnancy, she was pregnant for him,I never reacted
And lastly I didn’t wanted to take the kids for a DNA test,I used chika has a set up,that’s how your wicked and heartless daughter confessed that the children belongs to her ex,who does that.. Huh..Mr Ikemike narrated

Is she the first person to cheat on this earth? Forgive her please.. Said Mrs Paul

It’s over Alice, I have nothing to do with you again, GOOD BYE.. He said and went in,locking his door behind

Mr Ikemike went ahead to pay chika’s bride price, he took her to the alter

Alice went to meet her ex but was given a hot chase by her ex’s wife,naso single life take start

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<<__The End______>>__

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