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By on October 9th, 2023

Sasha became a punching bag for Jude, blaming her for each of everything that happened,there’s no that passed she doesn’t receive beating from Jude

She sat in the parlour with her protruded tummy, she was crying silently when her sister came in
Her sis looked closely at her,she shook her head and sat down

What’s all these marks on your body,hope it’s not what I’m thinking.. Lucy said
It’s everything you think Lucy, I don’t want to continue living like this, I’m tired of my husband and also my mother in-law, you see this mark here,she said showing her the mark,my mother in-law did this to me, she’s evil

And you kept quiet forgetting to call me, well I don’t know whether you’re hiding your husband’s money from me.. Lucy said
Lucy how’s mama and my siblings? Sasha asked
They’re fine, I went there yesterday..
Sasha I will take you to baba,he will take care of all these problems okay,Lucy said
Miriam came in immediately, she stared at Sasha and her sister then went to the guest room

Sasha not after doing all these for you,you will snatch my husband away from me cox I don’t trust you,Abero..Lucy said laughing

Funny you’re my sister I can’t do that to you nah,she replied and watched Miriam leave the house

Miriam went to her male friend place to plead on him to get her pregnant
Miriam stop all these,you’re a married woman, I can’t do this. Tobechi said moving to the bed.
Tobechi just do this favor for me please, that girl is always intimidating me since I came back to that house with her pregnancy, I’m married but the man I married can’t get me pregnant.. Miriam cried
Tobechi looked at her, had mercy on her and granted her wish

Miriam went from one hospital to another to confirm if the test results were true
She went to her room and cried her eyes out with the result
She placed the result on her chest and cried out her heart
Jude came in, looked at her and wondered why she cried in such manner

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Jude snatched the result from her
Give me back my result you monster,so you are impotent all these years,,making me pass through pains all these years,it shall never be well with you..Miriam cursed him

But this result shows you’re pregnant, isn’t the child mine? He replied defending himself

Oh shut up,you’re impotent for crying out loud,you’re a fool Jude, a deceiver.. Said Miriam hitting him hard
Stop it Miriam, if I’m impotent why is Sasha then pregnant for me, yes tell me.. Jude roared
Pregnant for you? Jude who did you say is pregnant for you..tell me Jude, Sasha is pregnant for you that’s nice.. Said Miriam

Sasha pushed the door open and came in with her sister Lucy and her mum too
Why are you just disturbing the peace of this house Miriam? Sasha asked with her hands Akimbo
I wonder ooo,how can you be disturbing a pregnant woman at this time of the day? Lucy chipped

Who’s pregnant here? Miriam asked staring at them
How do you think you will see her with your blindness? Lucy asked
You disgust me Sasha, you and your sister disgust me, including you Jude, better leave my presence this minute.. Miriam barked

This is my son’s house, you don’t have the audacity to tell anyone here to leave your stinking presence..Jude’s mother shouted as she opened the door

Miriam smiled to herself, breathed in and out then sat on the floor
Mrs.Dan what do you take me for,
You think I’m a fool right? You think I don’t know everything right?
Miriam you know nothing, you don’t know anything, keep quiet.. Jude screamed sweating profusely

Don’t mind her she knows nothing.. Mrs Dan said

You think I don’t know “THE TRUTH”


Final episode

Mrs Dan scratched her hair,she sighed and made a sign to her son
Mum I’m not going anywhere with you..Jude said sitting on the floor

I want to listen to this Truth.. Sasha said sitting down followed by her sister and mum

Mrs Dan tried to leave, someone pushed her in,her husband

Mrs Dan for how long have you been sleeping with Jude my husband? Miriam asked
Mrs Dan was flabbergasted, she tried hitting Miriam but Jude prevented her
Don’t dare it mother.. Jude shouted
Since you don’t want to talk I’ll say everything, I’ll tell everyone the truth

Mrs Dan, you have been sleeping with Jude the moment he became a man,you even rendered your own son impotent
You’re wicked Mrs Dan, despite all the warnings my mother gave you,you insisted to do it,my mum died because of you,not that Mrs Dan you killed my mum..Miriam cried

Heeei..everyone exclaimed
You hated my mum with all your heart,you poisoned my mum because she gives you good advice
You never wanted your son to marry me, my traditional marriage you weren’t there,I never knew you were somewhere else rendering your son impotent because he married me and you Sasha, this child you are carrying belongs to Mr Dan.. Miriam said

Everywhere was quiet, no one talked or moved
You never wanted to do it but this evil woman here forced you into sleeping with her husband.. Miriam said, carried her bag and left

Mr Dan covered his face with shame and left them

You decided to ruin my life mother, you and your husband are disgrace to this family and the whole world..Jude cried trying to hit his mother when he mistakenly hit Sasha

Sasha slumped and died,her mum shouted,cried and carried her daughter in her arms while Lucy called the police, Sasha was taken to the mortuary while Jude was arrested for murder
Miriam went to live with her friend who got her pregnant
She had three kids for him


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