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FIGHT WITH MOTHER IN-LAW – Episode 3 and 4

By on October 9th, 2023

Sasha came in few hours after the call,she sat down staring at her bewildered friend
You traveled yesterday and here you are today again, what’s the problem, you don’t look happy. Sasha asked

Sasha it’s my mother in-law, that woman hates me so much because I haven’t given her a grandchild, Sasha any remedy? Miriam cried

Am I a native doctor, why is she disturbing you? Are you the giver of children? What kind of a mother in-law is that, Miriam have you ever thought of doing it with another guy? Sasha asked

What do you mean? That my husband is impotent?
Not what I mean baby girl,just try it and stop receiving insult from your mother in-law. Said Sasha

Leave my office Sasha.Miriam barked
Sasha smiled at her,picked up her handbag and left
Miriam bowed her head and wept

Miriam sat in the parlour after a month they returned from the village, she was eating groundnut when Sasha entered with her mother in-law

Sasha, what are you doing here..mama ..Miriam asked confused
This is my son’s wife, she is pregnant for my son..Mrs Dan said

I don’t understand, how true is this Sasha? Miriam asked with a teary voice
You heard mama clearly, I have come to stay since you can’t bear a child for him..Sasha said sipping a drink Miriam kept for herself

Sasha, I’m your best friend, tell me this is a prank..Miriam said as she fell on the floor crying

Sasha sat comfortably with her legs lifted up when Jude entered
Miriam rushed to him and gave him a very horrible slap
You have been cheating on me all these while, you’re a monster Jude.. Miriam shouted

What’s going on here,is that why you should slap me?
I got her pregnant by mistake and…
Shut your fucking smelling mouth up,you’re a devil..fool.. Miriam barked entering their room to pack her clothes
Jude followed her immediately begging her not to leave

Feel at home my precious daughter. Mrs Dan said
Please mama I’m craving for suya,please get me some at the junction.. Sasha said


Please do share


Mrs Dan stared at her with confusion written all over her face, you’re sending your mother in-law on an errand. Mrs Dan asked widening her brows
That’s why you’re my mother in-law nah,please get it for me quickly. Sasha said
Mrs Dan looked at her again and left the parlour

Jude came out with his wife,dragging Miriam’s box
Leave this box Jude, I’ll break your head,after everything Jude you still have the impetus to cheat on me with my best friend.. Miriam cried

Please baby,I can explain.. I just introduced Sasha to my mum never knew they will be coming here,Just give me a chance to explain things to you.Jude begged
Allow her to leave nah,she couldn’t give you what you wanted but once you….
Shut up Sasha, Sasha you’re wicked, Sasha I never you were this dangerous.. Miriam cried, she left her matrimonial home to her grandma’s home

Jude sat on the floor crying, he felt his heart bleeding, Miriam would have allowed him explain, he never slept with Sasha, his mother planned everything, a mother who has been sleeping with her son right from the moment he became a man,a mother who doesn’t want him to carry his children, a mother who went far to render her son impotent..Jude wept bitterly as all these rang through his mind

He got himself drunk and lay helpless on the floor, Sasha dragged him inside the room, undressed him and used him as she pleased

Miriam lay on her grandma’s lap crying, she wept bitterly, she regretted leaving her home for her best friend to occupy,she would have listened to Jude, she would have fought for her right, ” but I noticed myself pregnant the first time my father in-law slept with me but I aborted it,I never wanted to carry a child that’s not from my husband reproductive system,.. Miriam thought as tears flowed freely from her eyes

Her grandma consoled her,my daughter it is well..your friend will never last in that marriage.. Her grandma assured
But mama she’s already pregnant for him.


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