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The pregnant maid – 5 and 6

By on October 7th, 2023

Chika finally put to bed a bouncing baby girl

Mrs Ikemike wasn’t happy, she knew her long time secret would be exposed

Doctor please run the DNA test please.. Mr Ikemike told the doctor

I thought we talked about this diamond,let’s forget the DNA and move on..she said sweating under AC

Doctor please conduct this test..

Mr Ikemike persuaded the doctor, he ran the test

Within four days the result was out

You are not in anyway the father of the child and Mr Ikemike, did you ever had an accident?

Yes doctor, a critical accident that nearly took my life at the age of 19..He replied

I’m sorry you can’t father a child, you’re impotent.. The doctor released the bombshell

I have two kids doctor, what do you mean I can’t father a child, is this playing? Mr Ikemike thundered

I can explain diamond, please let’s leave here..Mrs Ikemike begged

Are you alright? What do you mean you can explain? What the hell is this doctor talking about?

Mrs Ikemike rubbed her palms,she shook her head thrice and fell to the ground crying

A heavy downpour started,thunderstorms were heard as Mrs Ikemike confessed that the children were from her ex

Jesus Christ!! Mr Ikemike exclaimed

Please diamond, don’t leave me.. I was even thinking the fault was from me when I decided to try my ex to see if I can actually get pregnant, I did it for us diamond.. Mrs Ikemike cried

Mr Ikemike held his head, staggered outside like a drunkard and fell to his car crying like a baby

Mrs Ikemike stood behind him, she didn’t know what else to do
Her marriage was going to crash,she knelt down and held his legs

Diamond I did this for us,I’m sorry please
Don’t leave me I’m begging. She pleaded

If you don’t leave here this moment you won’t like my next reaction.. He said facing her

Please diamond.. She said sobbing

Just go away, go away, go away
Go home, pack your things and leave that house,I don’t want to meet you in my house when I’m back, chika has disgraced you



Mrs Ikemike called her parents to inform them how chika has broken her marriage

Stop panicking Alice,you did it for him,you don’t have to cry okay.. Her mum said

Mum I did it for us,ikemike is impotent, assuming I didn’t get this children from my ex,he wouldn’t have had any issue..Mrs ikemike told her

I’ll be there in a jiffy,let me see what’s happening with my two eyes..

Mum please you and dad needs to be here,my marriage is about to crash ????

Don’t worry okay.. Her mum assured her and the call ended

Mrs Ikemike turned,her husband as been standing at her back, listening to the conversation

Even if my late parent comes here this moment,I’ll never forgive you Alice
I’m going to the hospital but before I’ll be back I don’t want to see you nor your children here..Mr Ikemike shouted

Mrs Ikemike stood perplexed, she cried her eyes out she sat on the floor wailing

Mr Ikemike stared at her with disgust written all over his face, he entered his car and left

Mrs Ikemike entered her room she packed her clothes
Took her bath and bathed her children
She waited for her parent to come over

Mum,dad,you’re here..She said standing to her feet

Where is Ikemike? Where is that impotent thing that wants to throw my daughter out of her matrimonial home.. Her mum shouted searching around

I’m here,you have been the one telling her what to do right?
I see,both you and your daughter are leaving this house this minute.. Mr Ikemike said handing back the baby to chika

She did it for you both Ikemike, why on earth do you want to send her out eeh
You’re very wicked,Alice is going nowhere…her dad said

Okay, I have a question Mr Paul
If you were in my shoes what would you have done? Mr Ikemike asked

Mr Paul didn’t say a word,he opened the door and left them

Alice please leave my house, I’ll pour hot water on you ooo..Mr Ikemike screamed on top of his voice

Please have mercy on her please, forgive her…Chika said wiping off the sweats on her face


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