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By on October 9th, 2023

Let’s Start this together !

Jude traveled to the village with his wife to spend some weeks with his parents
Jude’s mother never liked Miriam Jude’s wife,she hated her with everything in her,imagine when someone dislikes you and doesn’t want to hear anything good about you

Miriam is a beautiful Lady and a wife material, she grew up with her grandmother who gave her a very good home training

During Miriam’s traditional marriage, her mother in-law never came.. Mrs.Daniel hated her

Jude came home with his wife, immediately they came down from the car, Mrs Dan Jude’s mother rushed to welcome her son

Good evening mama.Miriam greeted as she went closer to her
Mrs Dan didn’t respond,she dragged her son in while Miriam followed them

Good evening papa,Miriam greeted
Welcome my daughter, how are you doing? Mr Dan asked
I’m fine papa,and you too?
I’m good my daughter

Jude’s younger sister was in the kitchen preparing dinner when Miriam entered
What are we having for dinner baby girl? Miriam asked

Auntie you’re back, I miss you so much auntie.. Amii said hugging her
I missed you too baby girl,so what are you cooking?

I’m making soup auntie. She replied
Miriam sat down helping her cut the vegetables when he mother in-law entered,she stared at Miriam, carried the vegetables and poured on her

This should serve as a warning to you never to touch whatever belongs to me here again and never you step your barren legs in here, fool.Mrs Dan yelled

Mama why do you hate me so much,for crying out loud I’m your son’s wife and you should treat me as one,mama you’re always maltreating me, causing me pains every time you set your eyes on me. Miriam cried dusting her body
You’re useless to my son and this family,by the time my son marries another wife I think you won’t have any other option but to leave his house, for God’s sake how did Jude marry his fellow man

I’m not a man mama,God’s time is the best mama..Miriam said leaving the kitchen
Where are you to?


Where is she going to? Mrs Dan asked Amii
You’re asking me, why not follow her and ask her where she is going to mtcheeeew
Mrs Dan stared at her and left

They were eating on the dinning when Mrs Dan carried the remaining Eba
Mama can’t you see my wife isn’t done eating yet,what’s all these? Jude barked
Stop barking like a dog,that’s why I said this woman tied you down,she bewitched Jude my son,can’t you see that.. For good 1 year you married her no issue. Mrs Dan said

But mama it’s just one year,haba..we ain’t old yet..we still have enough time to bear children..

Jude replied trying to collect the bowl of EBA from her
Jude if your hand comes closer to these bowl I’ll deal with you,before you married this your fellow man that’s looking at me like witch I warned you,Jude right from when this girl started seeing you abi two of you started seeing each other that I started hating her,I know she has destroyed her womb with abortion..

You’re not a good person mama,I dislike you .Miriam said going inside their room
Mama Jude can’t you keep your mouth shut,all your children are married except this my last child amarachi,if you want grandchildren, go to their place one after the other, stop disturbing Jude and his wife I don’t like it..Mr Dan said going to console Miriam

Jude I’m leaving this village first thing tomorrow morning. Miriam said
Why honey?

So you like and enjoy the way your mum treats me in this house right?
No my love,that’s how she behaves
Funny, that’s how who behaves? My mother can never treat her daughter in-law the way your mother treats me, Jude I’m tired,I don’t know what I did to that woman.. She’s making me regret why I married you..Miriam wept

Jude bowed his head,consoled his wife and the next thing happened (you guys know nah)

The next morning Jude and his wife left for owerri without letting anyone know
They got back home and went to their various working place
Miriam called her best friend Sasha


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