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By on October 7th, 2023

My back aches,I don’t know what’s wrong with me auntie.. Chika complained to her madam

Since when did it start? When did you start feeling it? Mrs Ikemike asked

Since yesterday auntie, it really hurts..she cried

Chika,your nose is getting bigger and you’re gaining weight recently despite all the stress you do go through,are you pregnant? She asked again dropping the booklet on the table

Errrm,no ma,I’m not pregnant, the pains has ceased auntie, I’ll be fine.. Chika replied turning to leave

Chika!!! You’re pregnant chika… Mrs Ikemike shouted dragging her closer

No auntie, I’m not pregnant oo,it’s just back ache..she said trying to free herself

Mrs Ikemike stared into her eyes,she smiled to herself, released her from the grip and sat on the bed

Can you tell me who’s responsible for this pregnancy, the symptoms is all over you chika, can’t you see your breast chika? Now tell me who the hell is responsible… Mrs Ikemike asked calmly

Auntie, nobody is responsible o,auntie I’m not pregnant, I’m still a virgin auntie, you can check if you want to.. Chika defended

You’re just confused, now take this money,rush to the chemist across the road and get me a test strip immediately.. Said Mrs Ikemike throwing money at her

Chika zoomed off,she cried her eyes out and regretted telling her madam about her back ache

Hello dear..Mr Ikemike said as he picked his wife’s call

Diamond,chika is pregnant, chika is pregnant oo..Mrs Ikemike shouted from the phone

Babe calm down,I’ll call you later..Mr Ikemike replied and dropped the call

Chika came back, her madam ran a test for her and the result came out positive

For the last time who’s responsible? How come chika? Start talking right now..she shouted hitting her hard on the face

Auntie please I’ll talk..chika replied crying

Who’s responsible? She questioned again

Your husband auntie….




Mrs Ikemike looked at chika from head to toe and laughed

When did you start sleeping with my husband chika? I mean when did this shit start? She barked at her

Chika became frightened the more,she knelt down,raised her two hands up and started talking, stammering at the same time

He asked you to open your epileptic leg and you did right? You want to show him how good you are,chika what the hell have you done? What kind of a house girl are you?
No problem since you want us to share one man,it’s fine chika, yes! It’s fine
Now go inside the kitchen, dish your food and eat to your fill,go to the parlour relax and wait for my husband, no,sit down there and wait for our husband, my lovely co-wife.. Mrs Ikemike told her

Chika stood up, she quietly left,crying her eyes out

Mr Ikemike came back in the night, his wife welcomed him,he knew all wasn’t well
He sat in the parlour waiting for his wife to repeat what she told him over the phone

Dinner is ready diamond.. She said smiling

You called earlier today, telling me that chika is pregnant right? If she’s pregnant she should go and meet who got her pregnant.. Said Mr Ikemike standing to his feet

The person that got her pregnant is my lovely husband here,you didn’t see any other person to sleep with but that epileptic idiot,tell me, what does….

Me? Got her pregnant, is she mad or something, what sort of accusation is that? So you don’t trust me.. He interrupted

Trust you,you said? I’m not insane Ikemike, Ikemike you’re very wicked, and you know what? I’m leaving this house tomorrow morning, first thing tomorrow morning Ikemike, it’s over..She cried running upstairs

Chika stood at the dinning table, Mr Ikemike sighted her immediately and went to meet her

How dare you accuse me chika? Have I ever had your time before?
You better go upstairs and tell my wife I’m innocent,chika if you don’t! I’ll send you packing tomorrow.. He said as he poured a glass of water at her


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