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The pregnant maid – 3 and 4

By on October 7th, 2023

Chika smiled mischievously, she picked up the glass cup,stared at it and chuckled
I can’t wait to be his wife.. She chuckled as her madam faced her

You can’t wait to do what chika? Mrs Ikemike asked dragging her out to avoid breaking the plates

I didn’t say anything auntie, I was only saying a silent prayer ..she lied

Mrs Ikemike heard her clearly, she slapped her and gave her the beating of her life that night, Mr Ikemike watched her, he didn’t say a word,he tried to avoid eye contact with his wife

Believe me I didn’t do it,don’t you trust me? Mr Ikemike asked moving closer to her

She sighed, sat down and faced him

Chika will stay in this house till she puts to bed..I think that girl is up to something.. Mrs Ikemike said rubbing her palms

I’m innocent, I don’t know why she’s accusing me, why will I even sleep with her when I have a wife and two kids,what for? She’s meant to leave this house.. He said calmly

Like I said before, she’s up to something, let’s keep an eye on her.. She replied going to check her kids

Mr Ikemike sighed heavily, he went outside to see chika, who was crying profusely

Chika why the accusation? Why will you accuse me of sleeping with you, even if I wanted to cheat on my wife not with someone who has epilepsy, you shall regret all these one day.. He said stood up and went inside

Chika continued crying, she opened the door and went straight to her room to pack her things,she came out again confused, she sat in the parlour waiting for them to come out

Mum where’s auntie chika going to? Zinachi asked running to hug her

Mr Ikemike, you denied your child, you denied getting me pregnant, it’s fine
It’s not even like I forced myself on you,you don’t want to tell your wife the truth, you keep insulting me,calling me names,I’m leaving your house for peace to reign,if this pregnancy doesn’t belong to you may I never find peace wherever I go


You ain’t going anywhere young lady,you will stay in this house until you put to birth,we will go for a DNA test since you’re accusing my husband.. Mrs Ikemike said locking the doors

Chika dropped her bag and sat on the floor crying

Why dies this woman want to implicate me? She said to herself

Let’s go to bed diamond, go to your room madam.. She said again and went upstairs

Chika rubbed her palms,she felt like stabbing hersel
DNA test!! She thought

She stood up and staggered to her room weeping loudly

The next morning, Mr Ikemike left for work,he went to meet chika first

Madam get up from there and get me a cup of hot coffee.. He shouted kicking her

Chika stood up,she sighed and went to the kitchen

If you like confess if you like don’t confess all I know is that you’re lying, only God knows who got you pregnant.. He said and stormed out almost stepping on his wife

Mrs Ikemike sighed and waved her hands
Within herself, she knew her husband is impotent
Why will chika accuse her husband, she hissed and sat on the dinning

She wants my husband to make her his wife or what? My husband is impotent so how did he get her pregnant
We will know the truth after the DNA test, I pray he doesn’t find out that those kids ain’t his.. She sighed and relaxed her head
Chika wants to destroy my marriage, is she a sent or what? She stood up and went to meet her in the kitchen

Whose coffee is that? She asked taking a sit

Your husband asked me to do make it for him..she replied not looking at her

Mrs Ikemike carried the coffee and sipped a bit then stared at her

Chika who’s really the father of the child in your womb? Mrs Ikemike asked scratching her hair

Your husband is responsible, he got me pregnant.. She said harshly

My husband chika? I know the reasons for my question chika, you will see hell if you don’t tell me the truth..She told her

I’m saying the truth madam..chika replied

It’s okay,make another coffee for him


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