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Woman drags her 3 sons to her bed one by one and sle£ps with them

Posted by on April 19th, 2021

A 58-year-old Beatrice woman has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for se_xually mishandling her three minor children.

The woman se_xually abused her sons — twins aged eight and a six-year-old.

She will serve an effective 16 years after Chitungwiza Magistrate, Mr Noel Mupeyiwa, conditionally suspended four years of the sentence.

The case came to light after one of the sons se_xually abused a neighbour’s child and on further investigations reported that her mother had practically taught him and his siblings how to be intimate.

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Prosecutor Ms Trinity Nyandebvu convinced the court that sometime between April and August 2020, the woman stayed with her three children at a plot in Beatrice.

She shared a room with them and made them sleep on the floor, from where she would pick them up to the bed one by one and se_xually abuse them.

Nyandebvu told the court that the woman told the sons that she was preparing them for adulthood and threatened to starve them or abandon them, if they refused her advances or reported the acts to anyone.

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Eventually, she abandoned the children and they were taken into the custody of a step grandmother in Chitungwiza.

The case came to light when the eight-year old minor se_xually abused a neighbour and he revealed that his mother was the one who practically taught them intimacy.

— Herald


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