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Police, DSS, SWAT Slaps my mum, abducts my two brothers in Emene, Enugu – Leonard Bernard (Video)

Posted by on September 19th, 2021

Leonard Bernard wrote👇🏿

In the early hours of Tuesday, during the purported IPOB sit at home. Around 8-9am, Me and my family didn’t go out because of security purpose.

We overhead a news making round that unknown gunmen just burnt a van carrying bread when he insisted on going for supply
1 hour later, 20 trucks loaded of the military drove into Emene, Enugu.

We were just outside our home when next we saw the soldiers, DSS, The ones wearing SWAT, and police rushed in their numbers running into our street. Everybody scampered for safety, we ran into our room. And the soldiers ran after us, and was dragging the door of our room.

They pushed the door and tried to break it. They carried a bucket of water and poured into our room and they became three and was pushing the door along with my mom and sisters holding it. The door was almost open when I jumped through our window and ran out to hide in someone’s house.

They opened the door and took away my brother and also brought out my brother who ran into another person house
They were going room by room arresting every male person in the whole household.

They brutalized them
They broke my brother’s wrist and my other brothers neck. My mom and sister were begging them and they slapped my mom.
They brutalized all the boys they saw in my area.
They later release my brothers there. They bombarded the whole streets of Emene and arrested and beat everybody at sight. They took away some of the boys they arrested and three of them are reportedly dead now in their detention.

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