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“It can only be God” Occupants of car crushed by “40-ft container” give testimony after they emerged alive from the wreckage (video)

Posted by on September 23rd, 2021

The occupants of a car, who emerged alive after a “40-ft container” fell on their vehicle and crushed it, have spoken out days after the incident.

Three friends – two women and one man – ordered a ride on Bolt on Sunday, September 19.

However, in the course of their journey earlier this week, a “40-ft container” fell on their car and crushed it.

Despite being in the car beneath the container for hours, all 4 occupants emerged alive.

The ladies have now taken to Instagram to thank God for their lives while sharing footage of the wreckage they were pulled out from.

They also shared footage of themselves in hospital, receiving treatment after the accident.

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