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Wife Fights Husband After Buying Clothes For Housemaid Without Informing Her

Posted by on July 20th, 2021

A lady identified as ‘Omotayo of Lagos’ has taken to social media to narrate a scene that happened in her compound between a couple over some clothes bought for their housemaid.

According to her, the man bought some clothes for the the female house help, for serving the family dutifully but forgot to inform his wife.

The wife didn’t take it lightly as she was very angry at the man for buying the housemaid some clothes without telling her, informing him that it isn’t his duty to buy clothes for her, and even alleged that the husband may be having a secret affair with the maid.

Read the story below;

There is this drama in my neighbors house this morning 😂😭 So this man bought some clothes for their house help probably because the girl has been a good servant to the family. The wife has been flaring up all day because the husband didn’t inform her before buying the clothes 😂🤣

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She said how can you buy her stuffs without telling me first? even if you want to buy her clothes, you are supposed to inform me first or give me the money to get her the clothes, she’s suspecting the husband have hidden agenda

Is there any big deal in buying stuffs for ur help?

See screenshot below:

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