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He plans to r*pe me after i rejected his S£$ proposal – Lady Cries Out

Posted by on April 4th, 2021

I Visited My Boyfriend For The First Time He Asked Me For It, I Deny & After This Is What Happens

I have been in a relationship before but it couldn’t last. Recently I met a man who is also a teacher in the area am working. We have been dating for almost three months now. He uses to visit me but is I’ve not made any attempts to visit him. Though I know where he stays and all that.

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So one day I decided to pay him a surprise visit. I did as I plan and he was truly amazed after he saw me. He prepares something for me to eat and we started having a conversation. Through our conversation, he was showing some gestures, though I understood what he means t to show anything.

He boldly holds my head and starts kissing me, I told him to stop and he did. I told him I am not ready now until we get married and was not happy with my decision and he said can’t wait till that time.

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Now I am so afraid if he truly loves me or not and I want to know if I should give myself to him or not because I also don’t want to lose him and I truly love him. Please drop your comment below as you help me decide.


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