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#BiafraHeroesDay2021: They are my uncles, cousins, nephews, brothers and sisters – Ambrose Nwogwugwu

Posted by on May 30th, 2021


They are my uncles, cousins, nephews, brothers and sisters: 54yrs ago- Nigeria federal government unleashed the deadliest genocide on them, massacring over #3m while the world stood by and watch.

They re our fallen heroes: we shall never forget!

There were no hash tags, yet the world heard our story but stood still to suppress it.

Truth is that, you can’t suppress a people’s history, neither can you obliterate the knowledge of a world event just because you don’t want to hear their story.

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30th of May a date we will forever remember.

The stillbirth of a peoples aspiration to nationhood, survival and unalienable right to self determination.

Its a date that reminds us of the scar of what our fathers passed through.

A scar that reminds us of where we are coming from and the bond that bounds us.

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The messages and echos we hear from their scattered unmarked graves is “Remember us”

Lest we forget, lest we knoweth not our history.

We have a duty and a commission from the book of Joel 1:3 “To tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children and unto another generation”.

Lest we forget.

Never Again!! Never Again

#BiafraHerosDay #Biafra54

©️ Ambrose Nwogwugwu


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